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Dr. Sajad Razaq believes that there are two elements that can produce an extraordinary quality of life, the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment.

These are principles that, regardless of gender, race, religion, or financial status, create lasting results when acted upon.  

He is committed to providing you the tools to help turn your ultimate dreams into reality, whether it’s achieving financial freedom, taking your career to new heights or connecting with your loved ones at the deepest level.

Remember that success without fulfillment is failure. And make no mistake, fulfillment is an art. That’s why we recognize it as something unique to every individual.

And it’s reason why our programs are designed and tailored by people from many countries around the world, from virtually every socio-economic background, from the most successful to the most challenged. It’s the integration of those human experiences and the understanding of the psychology of human needs that allows us to bring you the best technologies available.

Mindpower Institute having its Head-Office in Toronto, Canada has many other Institutions affiliated with them and operating under Dr. Sajad Razaq supervision. In Pakistan, Mindpower Institute conducts workshops in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Quetta and Faisalabad.

 Reiki workshops are held every Sunday

at our Cavalry Ground & Faisal Town, Lahore Office.


Contact for Registration

+92 321 7091205 

+92 300 6952005 


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Dr Sajad Razaq considered an authority on mind sciences in Pakistan & abroad. He holds a doctorate in Neuro Lingusitics. He is a certified Reiki Grand Master. He dedicated his entire life to change & empowers the humans. Dr Sajad Razaq beliefs in challenges & takes them as a part of his life.

He gives Vision, Dreams, Motivates, Inspires and Guides others on the path of success and self discovery.