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Comments & Expressions of Trainees


Muhammad Waseem Sarwar

People now amazingly respond and faith in me, really excited after applying mind power techniques. I fee so much satisfied and grateful. I enjoying my martial life more now.


I have no words to thank you sir, I assure you sir that i will remain in touch with you in my life. May Allah give you progress and reward.

Muhammad Waseem Sarwar , Lecturer, Bioinformatics, GC University, 


Ms. Umna Ishfaq

I practice regularly and get amazing results through Mind power techniques. These techniques simply influence my life, thanks to Dr. Sajad Razaq.


Ms. Tayyaba Usman

Mind power workshop have changed my life, now I have positive approach towards everything, increased my self confidence, people now pay attention to my words, and most important my husband is now the one I always prayed for, thanks to Dr. Sajad Razaq.


Prof. Nasir Mehmood

I have lot of depression & problems in life, did workshop after recommended by Dr. Sajad Razaq, vow, thanks, now alhamdolillah I am the driver of my own life.


Ms. Aisha Saeed

My martial & general life is so much improved after Mind power training, great job indeed.


Ms. Nadia Sharif

Vow, it’s amazing, I did lot of healing through Mind power techniques, it’s great.


Hanif Bhatti & Family

We all family get trained in Mind power & Reiki and getting lot of benefits & blessings at daily base in education, family matters, relationships and much more, thanks to Allah and Dr. Sajad Razaq.


Abdul Hannan

I did trainings of Mind power, Reiki and NLP. Using the techniques as Dr. Sajad Razaq teach us, good results almost every time. I also practice as a healer.


Ms. Saima

I got lot of success in my education and relations. Simple and powerful techniques make wonders in life.


Ms. Hanna Lindblad

Impressive workshop, learn & apply new things and getting great results, thanks


Capt. Dr. Shahbaz Haider

Mind power, Reiki and NLP are great tools to help ourselves & others. We need little changes to be a happy and healthy. I recommend all to learn these amazing technologies.




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