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Neuro Linguistic Programming

" The Science of Success "

“Neuro-Linguistic Programming is one of the biggest breakthroughs in the technology of achievement and human excellence.”  Time Magazine

Neuro-Linguistic Programming offers an understanding of how we think, behave, learn and make positive changes. NLP has been producing excellent results in business, sports coaching and personal development for many decades.

We are taking these results to a new level by teaching people how to think, behave and believe in themselves to help them through life’s challenges.

NLP provides you with specific, learnable skills which can show you how to improve your level of performance, resolve sources of tension, overcome your limitations, and achieve new level of competence, in virtually any area of your life. NLP techniques have been successfully applied in a wide number of contexts, such as Business, Education, Mental health, Medicine, Sports and communication.

"Due to its simplicity and effectiveness, NLP has been used by Fortune 100 companies and therapists, consultants and sales people, teachers and health professionals. You will learn how to replicate the internal processes used by others in order to accomplish tasks effectively. You will also learn how to assist others in changing and how to tailor your own communications to become irresistible" .

Dr. Richard Bandler, Developer of NLP

  •  Improve Communications
  •  Achieve Goals
  •  Increase Sales
  •  To Persuade & Motivate
  •  Better Counsel & Heal

CEO's & Business Owners are impressed with the immediate effects the information from these seminars have in business. Their ability to establish clear goals and then consistently access the course of action and resources to achieve them, produces extra ordinary results.


Managers and Entrepreneurs use the information to develop strong teamwork and relationships. Negotiations and problems solving sessions are enhanced to create solution oriented, win-win approaches. You will be able to dramatically reduce miscommunications and increase productivity.


Sales Professionals learn to build strong rapport, elicit and fulfill the criteria and values of clients and develop effective strategies for handling buyer's remorse or future objections so that the sales is long term and mutually satisfying. With the mastery of NLP and hypnotic Language patterns, you will be able to sell with an irresistible influence.


Lawyers, Consultants and Leaders in many areas acquire elegant tools for taking their work to deeper levels with greater consciousness and certainty. The style and spirit of NLP consistently results in the ability to influence with integrity.


Artists including Singers, Musicians, Writers and Actors overcome inner blocks and enhance creativity. Learn specific skills that will help you promote yourself and your work as a professional. You will learn how to connect to your unlimited inner resource and accelerate your abilities to express, create and perform.


Athletes and others who want to access their personal skills, techniques, and beliefs to make it possible to realize their full potential both personally and professionally. In fact anyone who interacts with people in any capacity or desires personal enhancement, can definitely benefit by learning these advanced mind technologies.


There are more than one ways to learn NLP with Dr. Sajad Razaq.

  •  Learn Specific NLP Techniques one to one consultancy session
  •  Learn NLP in a group of multi dimensional participants
  •  Learn NLP in a traditional Seminar
  •  Tailor made training through NLP

What to expect after NLP?

  • Planning, delegating responsibilities, goal setting and target achievement.
  • Team building & team bonding, decision-making.
  • Effective presentations skills.
  • Understanding client’s psychology.
  • Using client’s resistance to your advantage.
  • Stress management-a cup of tea. How to use stress to your advantage.
  • Transformational vocabulary.
  • Reprogramming negative thought patterns into positive ones.
  • Time lines for goal achievement.
  • Presuppositions in communication and strategic sales planning.
  • Language patterns in effective communication, presentations and negotiations, marketing and selling.
  • Use of embedded commands in communication. Getting the job DONE!
  • State of excellence, anchoring and chaining. Changing people from a de- motivated state into a highly motivated state in seconds.
  • How to elicit states of curiosity, motivation, empowerment and excitement in your clients, team members and juniors.
  • Eliminating fears and phobias, building confidence and empowering.
  • New behavior generator, 6 step reframing outline, performance editing and much more.

Your Teacher & Guide

Dr. Sajad Razaq Ph.D




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