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Learn Reiki with world’s most authentic Reiki Master Teacher

Dr. Sajad Razaq Ph.D


Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy. This healing system works on all levels: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.


Reiki system of healing is simple and yet so powerful. It is based on a universal law that positive energy is always in the nature and a Reiki Master or student has only to learn to harness and channelize this energy in himself or others to balance the scale of Physical, Emotional and Spiritual elements to cause a healing to occur. Reiki healing works for all ailments, diseases, disorders and disabilities.


As a Reiki Master you use the Power of Reiki on yourself or pass on to your students…


  •         To heal relationships
  •         To dissolve blocks and struggles in life
  •         To enhance ESP powers
  •         Reinforce body’s immune system
  •         To reduce all kinds of pains and discomforts
  •         Distant Healing
  •         To help in achievement of goals
  •         Specially used for psychosomatic illness
  •         Stress related conditions like Depression, anxiety, tension etc



Training period including Meditation, Master attunement & practical: one month

   Pre-requisite: None  Attendees: 05-10   Duration: 01 day   


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"Reiki workshops"

Reiki workshops are held every Sunday

at our Cavalry Ground, Lahore Office.





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