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Mind Power for Students

Mind Power Trainings

7 up to 14 years age



This is a whole brain development programme. It uses latest techniques to unlock blockages in children's learning. Physical and amusing games promote excellent brain function and NLP skills improve confidence, self-esteem and behavior.

The brain has a logical side (left) and a creative side (right). Just like the body, the brain needs exercise. This programmes is specially designed exercises develop both sides, giving the whole brain a workout. Our latest scientific techniques sessions improve a child’s concentration and creativity thus enhancing performance in class.

This training is specifically designed for the age 7 up to 14 years. This helps your child to reach their full potential. Whatever their current ability, in just few weeks you will notice improvements in their confidence, concentration and creativity.

A child who can concentrate in school or college, remember what he/she is taught and has the confidence and creativity to voice their opinions is a child whose future is looking bright.

In this training the participants are programmed for maximum usage of their own mind. So that they can easily produce great results in their education as well as in every aspect of their life.

It is widely accepted that we all have a preferred learning style. Some of us learn by seeing (Visual), others by hearing (Auditory) and others by feeling (Kinesthetic). Optimum learning and improved memory are achieved when two or more of these styles are used at any one time. Brainology uses all three so every child’s learning style is catered for.

"Neuro-Linguistic Programming is one of the biggest breakthroughs in the technology of achievement and human excellence.” Time Magazine, USA

NLP teaches children to understand themselves and communicate more effectively with adults and their peers. It also develops a level of emotional intelligence required to cope and succeed in today’s fast moving and pressurized world. Not only will you see huge improvements in your child’s academic performance, their personal development is likely to have a positive effect on your whole family.

Trainees also learn how to think, behave and believe in themselves to help them through life’s challenges.


Major benefits of Mind Power

  •          Better Results
  •          Improves concentration
  •          Speed Reading
  •          Super Memory
  •          Goal Achievement
  •          Stress Management
  •          Reprogram for maximum success



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