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Training Courses



Following courses & training workshops are available for our honorable Pakistani Clients. We are very much proud to introduce the world most famous trainings for Peak performance & getting success in every aspect of life. Let's produce success.


Main objects of these trainings are ...


·         Achieve Success in life

·         Complete inner satisfaction

·         Get what you want

·         Change your life forever



Neuro Linguistic Programming



Have you resolved to truly achieve what others merely dream of: extraordinary health and physical vitality, profound relationships, decisive leadership and absolute financial freedom ? Are you committed to making a quantum leap in your daily experience beyond books and tapes to bring personal power into every dimension of your life ?


NLP trainings are for all persons, who want to change their Personal, Professional & entire Life. Let's begins the journey of Success. Get what you want. Make yourself as successful as you wish.


Basic Certification Course

Course Duration: Two Days

Course Fee:         Rs. 12,500


Master Certification Course

Course Duration: Two Days

Course Fee:         Rs. 15,500




The Healing System


Discover the breakthrough distinctions to achieve extraordinary health, energy and vitality effortlessly. Reiki is simply a wisdom, a journey to search the inner satisfaction & calmness. To serve the humanity, family, friends and even animals & plants. The results are more than same as promise in fairy tales. You can have influence on situations also.



First Degree

Duration : 3 Hours    Fee :  Rs. 7000


Second Degree

Duration : 3 Hours    Fee  :  Rs. 8000


Master Healer

Duration  : 4 Hours    Fee  :  Rs. 10000


Master Teacher

Please contact for Details.




Mind Power

Use your own mind for success



This training workshop is for the people who want to use more of their Brain to get more power, more success, more prosperity and more grip at life events.


Training Duration:     One Day

Training Fee:             Rs. 10500


Mind Power Level II

Fee Rs 12500



Super Student

Sky is the limit


Specially designed wonderful & result orionted Training Program for age 7 upto 14 years Students. They will be trained in multipal scientific techniques to enhance their real potential.


Training Duration : Half Day

Training Fee :        Rs. 10500